Why You Need to Monitor Your Child’s Posture

Why You Need to Monitor Your Child’s Posture

If you often see your child slouching, know that this is not a good habit. Maintaining a good body position is not just for looks. It also entails a lot of physical and health advantages for your child. Even when a bad posture can be treated through physical therapy in Crown Heights, children still tend to slouch every so often.

As parents, we are at the forefront of our children’s overall wellbeing. Hence, we need to actively take part in monitoring and ensuring that they are maintaining the right posture. Even if we cannot monitor them 24/7, at least we can check on them at most parts of the day.

There are many causes of bad posture, and most of these are common activities that children do. These include carrying a heavy backpack to school, slouching over their mobile phones, or watching too much TV. Because of our physical and occupational therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, we know how serious poor posture can be in the long term.

So as early as now, we encourage parents to monitor their children’s posture. Consider these reasons why checking on your child’s position is essential.

  • Strained Neck and Back
    Constant slouching can eventually result in stress at the back’s muscles. Furthermore, when your child acquires misalignment at their back, the stress also intensifies. With this added condition comes the strain that occurs at the neck and the back. These strained body parts can disrupt your child’s regular activities, and consequently, their overall wellbeing.
  • Spinal Function

    The spine is very essential in the body’s effective and strong function. The healthy spine follows the “S” shape, and this is very ideal in functioning efficiently. However, the long-term bad posture changes this shape into a “C” curve.

    When the spinal column has shape changes, a misalignment at the vertebrae can happen. Because of that, the nerves and blood vessels can be restricted which results in a painful back. The pain aggravates when the spinal shape is not corrected, and this disrupts your child’s quality of life. Therapists can help treat these misalignments through our physical therapy in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

  • Organ Function
    When your child slouches, the rib cage tends to compress all the organs inside. When this happens, all the organs inside the rib cage can also be affected, resulting in their inefficient function. In the long term, this slouching position can result in organ damages or slow distribution of oxygen to different body parts.

It is a good thing that bad posture in children can be helped through the therapy services provided by licensed therapists. Maintaining a bad posture doesn’t only make them look unhealthy, but it also disrupts their overall health. So we hope that this post has been enlightening for you. Do use this for your children and your family.

If you know someone who needs assistance in overcoming bad posture, contact us at Crown Rehab and Wellness. Pass this good information to a fellow parent!

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