Useful Tips to Maintain Good Posture

Elderly couple stretching

Our daily activities and lifestyle practices greatly affect the body. In whatever we do, good posture helps our balance and overall wellness. The way we do things reflects on how well we take care of ourselves. The back, neck, and hip areas are always at risk for the negative effects of excessive misuse of the body. The attitude on how a person takes care of their body reflects so much on how well they take care of everything else. Good posture boils down to healthy bones. Everything starts from the inside.

How do we take good care of our bones and posture? As people age, the bones become less dense, which might be due to lesser calcium. It can break and bend easily. You might have seen several older adults who are in a stooped posture. It’s common but it’s not normal. It could have been prevented. Start young and start early. There are useful tips that can be done anywhere to help you make sure that you are taking care of your body and bones.

  • Practice Stretching

    Stretching even in front of our desks helps a lot in breaking the ice. Unnoticed, people can go to a single position when working in the office. This is the culprit for several neck and back pains. Stand, walk or stretch your muscles every 1 and 1/2 or 2 hours to engage in motion. Prolonged sitting also gives a negative effect to the circulating blood in the body.

  • Exercise Regularly

    Exercising does not just give us a healthy body, it also promotes flexibility. One can exercise anytime and anywhere. With the use of simple pieces of equipment like towels and chairs, you can exercise safely and comfortably even in the office. Nowadays, tips for quick and convenient exercises are available online.

  • Sit Straight All the Time

    There is no other way of sitting other than sitting straight. Good posture requires discipline and consistency. If you feel that you are already slouching, sit straight and correct it immediately. The key is self-awareness. Take advantage of some equipment which can help in training your back posture.

  • Eat Healthily

    Foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D are good for the bones and muscle maintenance. Everyone, young and old, benefits from the nutrients that we get from the foods that we eat every day. Vitamins and mineral supplements are not always advisable. Seek professional advice if you feel that you need supplements.

There are services offered which can help in maintaining good posture. People who are affected by chronic illnesses and even those who are recovering from disabling accidents need expert and professional help so they can get back on their usual stance.

Crown Rehab and Wellness is a PT-owned, operational service provider who offers physical therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. We specialize in customized and hands-on therapy services to guarantee that all clients who seek help are well taken care of. Crown Rehab and Wellness offers Postural Re-education with compassion and sensitivity towards the needs of each individual.

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