Neck Pain: Causes and Treatments


Neck pain is a great source of discomfort. When you suffer from neck pain, you can’t move your neck as easily as you used to. It can even affect how you go about your daily routine. One way to cure neck pain is to seek therapy services for treatment and relief.


A variety of causes can lead to neck pain. Some of these include:

  • a neck injury caused by a vehicular accident and whiplash among others
  • neck strain
  • stiff neck
  • rare infections such as tuberculosis of the neck and meningitis
  • fibromyalgia
  • a throat infection caused by a virus

While some causes of neck pain may be cured by medication, others require physical therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Before any treatment can be done though, a medical diagnosis of neck pain must be made first.


A doctor will ask questions about your symptoms in order to identify the underlying cause and the treatment needed. You may be asked about your history of injury, particularly of the neck. Other tests may be recommended by the doctor like CT scans, MRI scans, bone scans, or X-rays in order to make a thorough diagnosis.


Once the underlying cause has been identified, the appropriate treatment will also be determined by your doctor. Some of the possible treatment options are:

Acupuncture is also an alternative form of treatment for neck pain.

Always consult your doctor about the diagnosis in order to choose the right treatment option.

Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

The best way to prevent neck pain is definitely doing anything you can to avoid neck injury.

If you participate in contact sports, make sure that you wear the right protective gear. Also, do not forget to perform neck strengthening exercises before and after any sports activity.

At Crown Rehab and Wellness, our licensed therapists will help you in recovering not only from a neck injury but other physical conditions that require our expertise as well. We also offer occupational therapy in New York and other services to tend to the specific needs of our clients.

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