Improve Your Knee Strength with These Moves

Improve Your Knee Strength with These Moves

Are you feeling painful sensations when you move your knees? Pains are not the problem. These are signals to the real problem. When your knee is in pain, you have to remember that this is not the normal situation. Either you go to your doctor for a checkup, or schedule for a physical therapy in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, the important matter is that you’re able to determine what’s wrong with your knees and find the right cure.

However, at Crown Rehab and Wellness, we still believe that prevention is always better than the actual cure. If you can do something to prevent these painful occurrences, start doing these activities immediately. To help improve one’s knees and prevent painful occurrences, here are some exercises we can recommend.

  • Hip Stretching

    The goal of this activity is to strengthen the glutes and hamstring on your waist area because their strength can protect the joints of one’s knees. To do hip stretching, follow these steps:

    • Stand straight with feet apart, hip-width in distance, and flat on the floor.
    • Put both hands on the hips.
    • Bend your knees while slowly arching your body to the back (at this point, put your body’s weight on your heels) until you reach a point of tension at the hamstring.
    • Return to standing position with five-second rest.
    • Repeat up to 15 times.
  • Leg Stretching

    The goal is to exercise your quad muscles to help strengthen your knees. You can also consult licensed therapists providing occupational therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for other helpful routines. To do leg stretching, follow these steps:

    • While seated uprightly on a chair with your back flatly rested, extend a leg forward until it’s on a straight position.
    • Stretch out the leg with a position parallel to the floor, with the ankle flexed knee-ward, and the toes ceiling-ward.
    • Lower the foot back on the floor slowly.
    • Repeat using the other leg.
    • Perform the activity for at most 12 repetitions for every leg.
  • Planking with Knee Flex

    The goal of this exercise is to stretch the quads of one leg and engage the hamstrings of the other leg, similar to what happens when walking or jogging. To do this activity, follow these steps:

    • Perform a low plank position on the floor and on our elbows.
    • Slowly lift one leg.
    • Bend the knee so that the heel can be raised towards the glute, resulting in some contraction at the hamstring.
    • Maintaining the planking position, extend the other leg and repeat step 3.
    • Repeat steps 2-4 using the other leg, and make 12 repetitions for every leg.

Are you searching for further therapy services to help improve your knee strength? You’re very welcome to book an appointment with our licensed therapists at Crown Rehab and Wellness. We’ll be glad to be of help to you in your quest to attain overall health and wellness. If this post helped you, SHARE!

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