How You Can Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles

How You Can Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles

Let’s face it – sometimes, we are so caught up in our daily lives that we tend to neglect being healthy and fit. We drive more and walk less. Even when the distance is not too far, we would rather take the easiest and most comfortable way to get to our destination. We move around less and just stay where we sit. These practices are one of the reasons our bones and muscles soften. We use them less and less, giving the chance for body fat to build up.

We are Crown Rehab and Wellness and we specialize in physical therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Health and fitness is always a goal. We always assist and help people recover from injuries, fractures, and service rehabs for better recovery. Our services range from Myofascial Release to Cardiopulmonary Rehab.

Here are some healthy ways to practice for healthier and stronger bones and muscles:

  1. Know what you need. You need calcium. While calcium is good for blood pressure and our hormones, calcium is a great way of developing and strengthening our bones and muscles. Having calcium in the right amount of the right vitamins could help wonders to your body. It is also best to know any family history of health and fitness. Knowledge is always power when it comes to our health.

  2. Exercise is key. Keep the bones and muscles working. Regardless of the benefits of exercising and working out, always keep in mind that it could be bad for you to do too much of fitness. Always do the right routines and keep it at a moderate level. Too much is always bad. So, keep those muscles flexing and your bones moving at a pace you can handle.

  3. Eat the right food for you. Yes, your bones and muscles are affected by the food you eat. The food we intake does not only apply to our organs and brain. The food we eat has a huge impact on our body in general. Food such as yogurt, milk, tuna, and salmon – they are good for the bones and the muscles. It would be great to include them in your diet if you want to have healthy and fit bones.

  4. Move your muscles and bones. Take the stairs instead of riding that elevator ride up. If you can’t always workout or exercise, do simple things that could help you stay fit. Using the stairs instead of the elevator is great! If you are going to the store, you can always walk there. You can also use a bicycle. There are many ways to be healthy and fit without going to the gym or having any home workout equipment.

  5. Quit your vices. Smoking? Quit it. Binge drinking? Quit it. Smoking is awful for your health. Your lungs get damaged. Your breathing becomes shorter. Shorter breathing would mean lesser oxygen for the bones and muscles. Drinking alcoholic beverages and liquor is also very bad for your bones. Always consider these things when keeping your vices with you.

  6. Yoga. Yoga is not only great for your bones and muscles. Yoga is a great way to stay overall happy. Yoga is good for the mind, heart, bones, and muscles. There are so much benefits to participating in yoga, and both men and women can be part of it.

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