How Teens Can Correct Bad Posture

How Teens Can Correct Bad Posture

In certain contexts, parents tell their teens to “stand up straight” or “sit properly”. These constant reminders can help your teenage son or daughter in the long run. Poor posture is not only bad to look at, but it can also be detrimental to one’s health, causing abnormal bone growth or muscle strain. While nobody should be bullied for any reason, bad posture may attract insensitive comments from others which may take a toll on your child’s confidence.

Crown Rehab and Wellness is a well-known provider of occupational therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn that looks forward to being your partner in posture correction. Your teenagers may not listen to you all the time, so make sure to carefully approach the situation and apply the following tips:

  • Talk to them about good posture.
    You should make your teens aware of what good posture is and give them a model to emulate. That model could be you, a friend, or someone else from your family. Teach your teenagers what the proper sitting position is, with shoulders pulled back and buttocks to the chair. The pelvis should be pulled in slightly, ears parallel to the shoulders, and head looking straight when in a standing position.
  • The posture from spending too much time playing video games.
    A teenager who spends hours and hours at a time playing video games tends to have a hunched over posture. Encourage your children to spend only 20 minutes watching television or playing video games. If your teenagers need to sit in front of a computer to do homework or something important, then be sure they make time for some stretching. This would help reduce strain on your teen’s back.
  • Set a good example.
    Teenagers are not always known for being the best listeners, so be patient and set a good example. If your teens see you standing or sitting up straight, and see how confident this makes you appear, they would want to follow you as well. Whenever you catch yourself or someone else in the family sitting improperly, don’t hesitate to comment on the action to your child. This will increase their awareness of bad posture and how to avoid doing it.
  • Bad posture can be an indication of abnormal bone growth.
    In cases where poor posture is an indication of scoliosis, you need a provider of physical therapy in Crown Heights to help you correct the matter. Keep in mind that early diagnosis can increase your teen’s chances of preventing the issue from developing into more severe conditions.

There are several reasons to keep watch of bad posture in your teenagers. Encourage your teens to exercise, take their vitamins, and eat healthy as these can reduce the chances of developing poor posture.

In what other ways can poor posture in teenagers be corrected? Please feel free to write in the comments.

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