Every Important Detail You Have to Know About Neck Pain


At one point in time, any person may feel a literal pain in the neck. Some people may feel neck pain for a short duration. However, there are also those who have to experience chronic neck pain that may last for weeks.

Neck pain can be a sign of a non-threatening condition and may eventually stop after a couple of days or after engaging in Therapy Services. But, chronic neck pain can be a symptom of a serious underlying condition.

  • What causes neck pain?

    There are lots of reasons why neck pain may occur. It may be a result of an injury such as when you are playing certain sports with lots of body contact. The injury may also come from a car accident or a fall. Even improper posture can result to neck pain.

    The pain in your neck may also result in staying in one position for too long such as when you are sleeping on your right side for a long time. This situation often results in waking up with a stiff neck that may last for a couple of hours or even a day or two. Sitting on a desk with your neck in one direction for a long time can also cause pain in this specific body part.

    Serious conditions can also cause neck pain. If this type of discomfort is accompanied by jaw pain, arm numbness, nausea or shortness of breath, among others, you or the person may be having a heart attack. Other possible serious causes include meningitis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal stenosis, among others.

  • When is a doctor’s visit necessary?

    If you are experiencing some of the following symptoms for more than a week already, it is time to talk to your doctor about your neck pain:

    1. fever
    2. headache
    3. difficulty when breathing or swallowing
    4. numbness
    5. nausea
    6. lump in the neck
    7. weakness
    8. and more
  • How is neck pain diagnosed and treated?

    The doctor may conduct tests that include CT scans, MRI scans, lumbar puncture, X-rays, blood tests, among others.

    Treatment for neck pain depends upon what the doctor may diagnose as its underlying condition. Some of the possible treatments may include Physical Therapy in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, medications, use of neck collars, or in rare cases, surgery.

Crown Rehab and Wellness specializes in treating neck pain through our expertise in providing Physical Therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. We also treat other conditions that range from work-related injuries, sports-related injuries, back pain, and more.

Additionally, we also offer Occupational Therapy in New York to help our clients adapt to their daily lives despite the conditions that they may be having. We look forward to helping you recover. To engage in any of our services, please contact us at 718-774-6144.

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