5 Ways to Get Relief from Shoulder Pain

5 Ways to Get Relief from Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common occurrence for many people. It can affect anyone, from a child to an older adult. It can affect any part including the muscle, tendon, nerve, ligament, or cartilage. Severe shoulder pain that hinders you from doing your daily routine and activities may require the need for physical therapy in Crown Heights.

How can you relieve yourself from shoulder pain? The following are a number of ways you can try:

  1. Cold compress

    Applying a cold compress on a sore shoulder can help reduce the swelling. If you have sharp shoulder pain, a cold compress can also help provide temporary relief by numbing the area.

    When applying a cold compress, make sure not to apply ice on the skin directly. Use a frozen gel pack or ice bag or any cold pack wrapped in a clean towel.

  2. Hot compress or heat therapy
    Applying hot compress or using heat therapy can help soothe your stiff shoulders and relax the muscles. You may use a hot gel pack, a hot water bottle, or a heating pad. Make sure to check the temperature of the pack you will be applying.
  3. Medications
    You may also choose to take pain medications in this situation. You can buy pain medicines over-the-counter or those prescribed to you by your doctor.
  4. Engage physical therapy in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.
    A physical therapist can help create a plan that will help you break free from shoulder pain as well as recover from a shoulder injury. The plan will be customized for your specific situation. Work with your physical therapist; collaborate well so you will reap the benefits of each session.
  5. Take advantage of occupational therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
    Occupational therapy will help you learn different techniques on how to ease the effort that your shoulder will exert for various activities. It will also help minimize the pain.

At Crown Rehab and Wellness, we help you regain control of your life by treating a wide variety of injuries and pain. We offer therapy services which can be customized to address your specific needs. Call or visit us today.

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