5 Ways Physical Therapy Benefits a Senior Loved One

5 Ways Physical Therapy Benefits a Senior Loved One

Does your elderly family member have problems with mobility? Crown Rehab and Wellness has a geriatric program specifically designed for your senior loved one. You should sign them up for a session because:

  1. It brings pain relief.

    Has your elderly parent been taking pain medication for their joint aches, yet none of them seem to work? Why not consider inquiring your doctor about physical therapy? It might just be the solution to a family member’s discomfort.

    Each of our therapy sessions is not just geared to enhance flexibility and motion. But also to foster proper symptom control. With symptoms properly managed, your elderly loved one should be at better ease.

  2. It improves balance and mobility.

    Does your loved one often hold on to railings and furniture in order to get across the room? This may seem like a working solution for mobility, but in truth, it can be quite dangerous. Your elderly family member might accidentally grab the wrong object and end up losing their balance.

    Prevent that by allowing them to attend therapy. With our help, they will be able to move and get around better as each session progresses.

  3. It prevents falls.

    Falls might not seem as dangerous to working adults, but to seniors? They can be quite fatal. This is because advanced age decreases bone strength and density. With that in play, even minimal force brought on by a fall can cause fractures and other fatal injuries.

    But, with the help of therapy, your family member can avoid that. This is because sessions are designed to improve their movement and strengthen their body as well.

  4. It negates surgical intervention.

    Has your loved one been advised to undergo surgery in order to address the joint pain that they feel? Before you go for that option, consider asking your presiding physician about physical therapy or occupational therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

    Through therapy, a senior parent or grandparent will not only be able to avoid an invasive procedure, but you will be able to better save your finances too.

  5. It enhances the overall quality of life.

    While aches, pains, and limited mobility might have stopped your senior loved one from going about their day; that doesn’t mean that they have to endure the same experience forever.

    With our program at work, little by little, the person you care for will have better control over their condition. And thanks to that, they can start being more productive with their day as well!

Get physical therapy in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn today!

Why wait to get better? Sign up for an appointment with us. After the first few sessions, your loved one should be able to experience relief and added comfort.

Would you like to know what each session will entail? Speak with one of our representatives through a call today. You can also type in your inquiries in the reply box below and we’ll respond to you promptly.

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