5 Simple Exercises That Improve Your Posture

5 Simple Exercises That Improve Your Posture

Looking and feeling good about yourself is all connected to good posture. If you’re envious of your gym instructor’s or any fit individual’s perfect stance, you may want to give these five simple exercises a try:

  • Curl-Ups. The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere – at home, your office, or even your backyard. It works your obliques and helps you develop that six-pack muscle.

  • Cobra Pose. This type of exercise works and strengthens the lower back muscles, preventing you from slouching.

  • Sit-Ups. The movement created by performing this exercise strengthens the innermost core muscles.

  • Crossover. This move focuses mostly on the obliques but works all the core muscles as well.

  • Planking. A move that significantly strengthens the core and upper body. Planking is a highly recommended exercise for those with poor posture. Hold the position until fatigue gradually starts to creep in.

When engaging in any of these exercises or moves, always make sure to:

  • Breathe evenly

  • Execute with slow, precise, and controlled movements

  • Modify the number of repetitions and sets according to your skill level

  • If you are hampered by an injury or any form of physical limitation, make sure to see your physician before performing any kind of exercise program

  • Refrain from performing any sort of activity that causes pain or heightens the already existing pain you may be feeling

Oh, and let’s not forget! Talking to a physical therapist can help you in more ways than one! The professional is well equipped with the knowledge and skills to help straighten your back in no time.

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